Beardmore Dog Park

Special thanks to Hugo Millie, Steele, the Talking Husky, Taysia Blue Husky Rescue and Hands, Hearts and Paws Pet Rescue

Beardmore Freedom Dog Park is Open to the Public - Including Evenings!

Beardmore is pleased to offer one of the largest (and most fun) dog parks in the Greater Omaha metro!  Bring your favorite furry friends to play in one of TWO huge fenced-in areas with safe - and ADA accessible - entries!

Beardmore Freedom Dog Park is lighted for play at dusk and into the evening. 

You don't have to be a customer of Beardmore Hyundai to enjoy Freedom Dog Park. It's free to use for all. 

Poo pick up bags and trash cans are located in Freedom Dog Park. Please be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your pet. All dog park users are responsible for their dog's behavior. 

Beardmore Freedom Dog Park is located at 410 Fort Crook Road North in Bellevue!